Past Milestones

Starting From Square One

2020 - Laying the Groundwork

  • Core Team Assembled: The cornerstone of the project was laid with the assembly of a proficient core team: Marco Stagliano - CEO, Francesco Sorrentino - Creative Director, Lionel Waymel - Business Developer. A diverse group of skilled professionals from various fields joined hands to create an impactful initiative in the NFT and fashion space.

  • Business Model Conceptualization: The team brainstormed and finalized a robust business model that aimed to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds of fashion. This included plans for phygital apparel, unique collaborations, and innovative use of blockchain technology.

  • Tech Infrastructure Architecture: Another-1 built a robust technical infrastructure to support the project's ambitious goals. The platform was designed to ensure seamless interaction between the physical and digital worlds, with scalability and interoperability being central to its architecture.

  • Partnerships with Manufacturers and Designers: Another-1 formed strategic partnerships with various manufacturers and designers. This established a solid foundation for the production of phygital products and ensured top-quality design.

  • Established Branding, Mission & Values: The Another-1 team crystallized its brand image, mission, and core values. This guided their approach towards creating innovative products, fostering partnerships, and interacting with their community.

2021 - The Debut

  • Successful Sale of The Sneakerheadz Society (TSSNFT) Collection: Another-1 debuted with the successful launch and sale of The Sneakerheadz Society (TSSNFT) Collection. This established their presence in the digital and physical fashion market.

  • Seed Fundraising for $AN1: The team conducted a successful seed fundraising round for the Another-1 token, $AN1. This provided the necessary financial fuel for the project's future endeavors.

  • Animoca Brands and Brinc Incubation Program ZK Advancer: Another-1 was inducted into the ZK Advancer incubation program by Animoca Brands and Brinc. This provided them with valuable insights and resources for further project development.

  • Partnership with Sandbox and Purchase of a 3x3 Land: Another-1 purchased a 3x3 Land in the Sandbox metaverse. This allowed them to create a virtual footprint and offer unique experiences to the community.

  • Prototyping of the Silhouette for the First Another Drop Offering (ADO): The team worked tirelessly on the design and prototyping of the silhouette for their first ADO. This set the stage for their forthcoming phygital collections.

  • Partnership with Italian Designer Lucio Vanotti for the NTR1-META project: Another-1 joined forces with renowned Italian designer Lucio Vanotti for the NTR1-META project. This collaboration represented a fusion of traditional fashion design expertise and forward-thinking tech innovation.

2022 - Expansion & Collaboration

  • Successful Raise of Private Sale for $AN1: The Another-1 project garnered significant interest during its private sale, leading to a successful fundraising round. This reflected the project's robustness and its resonance with the investor community.

  • Launch of the First ADO Collection of Phygital Sneakers - NTR1-META, Interoperable with Decentraland, in Collaboration with TrustSwap: The first ADO was successfully launched. The NTR1-META collection of phygital sneakers, which are interoperable with Decentraland, created a buzz in the NFT and fashion community. The partnership with TrustSwap added an extra layer of security and transparency to the process.

  • Partnerships with Graffiti Artist ZOOW24 and Olmetex for the Creation of β€œThe Wall”: Another-1 took a creative leap by partnering with graffiti artist ZOOW24 and Olmetex to create "The Wall". This collaborative artwork further underlined the project's commitment to fostering art and creativity.

  • Drip-Lab Mural Exposition at Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli: The Drip-Lab mural was showcased at the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, bringing street art and blockchain technology to the esteemed institution and broadening the project's reach.

  • New Team Hires: Key additions were made to the team, including Sven Stanko as marketing manager, Yubin Yang as COO, and Krzysztof Cywinski as Head of Tech. These hires were aimed at fortifying the team's capabilities in specific domains.

  • Conceptualization of a Gaming Experience on The Sandbox for the The Sneakerheadz Society: The team started conceptualizing a unique gaming experience on The Sandbox for The Sneakerheadz Society project. This added an exciting dimension to the project, blurring the lines between NFTs, fashion, and gaming.

  • Launch of the Nayom1 Project in Partnership with CASADEI, Italian Women Luxury Shoewear Company: The launch of the Nayom1 project, in partnership with luxury shoewear company CASADEI, marked the project's entry into the women's luxury market. This venture symbolized the project's diversity and its reach into different segments of the fashion industry.

  • Development of a Proprietary Technology to Code and Integrate NFC on Fashion Apparel: The team developed a proprietary technology to embed Near Field Communication (NFC) in fashion apparel. This marked a significant stride towards the project's vision of merging fashion and technology.

2023 - Tech Consolidation & Strategic Pivot

  • MVP for the Flex-to-Earn Module: The project aims to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the Flex-to-Earn module, providing users an opportunity to earn rewards through active participation.

  • Release of the Flex-to-Earn Beta: The team plans to release the beta version of the Flex-to-Earn platform, aiming to test the platform with a select group of users.

  • The First Edition of the Become a Creator Initiative: Another-1 is set to launch the first edition of the Become a Creator initiative, a program designed to empower users to become creators within the ecosystem.

  • Attendance at NFT Paris, and Milan & Paris WF 23 Fashion Week: The team plans to attend NFT Paris, and Milan & Paris WF 23 Fashion Week to showcase their unique products and engage with the global fashion community.

  • Introduction of the TSS Game in Sandbox: Another-1 plans to introduce the TSS game in the Sandbox, bringing together the worlds of gaming, NFTs, and fashion.

  • Launch of Phygital Merch and Flex-To-Earn Rewards Program: The project will also see the launch of phygital merchandise and the much-anticipated Flex-to-Earn rewards program.

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