Brands & Retailers

Merge realities and enter the web3 space

Tap into Web3 cost-effectively

The rise of Phygital Fashion brings emerging opportunities for brands and retailers to stand out in the competitive landscape and to reach out to new generations of consumers.

Another-1 provides readily available resources, technologies, expertise, and infrastructures to small and medium players as a "Phygital as a Service" solution, allowing them to tap into this emerging area without the need to build everything from scratch, significantly lowering the entry barrier.

One-stop Phygital solution

Brands and Retailers can rely on Another-1 as a single point of reference and expect a 360-degree solution for their Web3 Strategies, without the hassle to contact and coordinate different vendors and suppliers.

Another-1 offers a full range of supports ranging from digital content development, Web3 creative marketing, talent scouting, on-chaining & smart contract solution, all the way to manufacturing & shipment, as well as our proprietary NFT+NFC technology to boost ongoing consumer engagement.

Talent pool and industry connections

The talent engagement portal module on our platform (Become a Creator) helps us attract emerging design talents from all over the world to showcase their works and projects, providing brands with a talent pool from which they can pick their next star and collaborate with.

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