Designers & Creators

Getting your foot in the web3 fashion door

Kick-start a career in phygital design

Another-1 provides an excellent platform for emerging design talents to kick-start their careers by offering them a gateway to showcase their works and projects. We also partner with internationally recognized fashion institutes to organize design contests. Winners and selected talents will have the opportunity to collaborate with a brand or an NFT community to help them launch a phygital collection, or be voted by our community to launch his/her own phygital collection.

Exposure & collab opportunities

Through the Become a Creator module on our platform, emerging designers can showcase their works and projects to the Web3 community and beyond, while using blockchain technology to securely protect their IP. Another-1 will offer the necessary resources, networks, technologies, and marketing outlets to help launch successful phygital collections of their own, or in collaboration with established fashion brands.

Economic incentives

Our Become a Creator module provides not only an excellent platform for exposure but also opportunities to monetize their creativity through rewards. By becoming a selected talent, designers can enjoy the opportunities to gain a revenue share from the sales, as well as the proceeds from the ongoing loyalty programs.

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