For NFT Projects

Extend your project utility beyond the digital realm

How It Works

We offer the Flex-to-Eern module as a package solution to NFT projects and help them:

  • Design, produce, and distribute NFC-embedded and project-customized merchandise compatible with the reward module

  • Enable their community to redeem physical items through NFT

  • Enable their community to obtain air-dropped NFTs through the physical items

The customized merchandise can be in the following 2 categories:

  • Premium Designer Products: Another-1 will invite a designer to work on a premium product for your VIP members;

  • Fast-Fashion Merchs: Another-1 will coordinate the production of economic merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, swag bags, and postcards to be used as giveaways.


  • Generate extra revenue by offering premium phygital collections to their community;

  • Extend the narrative by introducing phygital elements;

  • Boost community engagement by distributing phygital giveaways.

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