AN1 Tags

Our Phygital Backbone Element

Another-1's NFC tags, known as AN1 Tags, are the backbone of the company's phygital fashion ecosystem. These NFC-powered hardware pieces, easily activated with modern smartphones, play a pivotal role in bridging the physical and digital realms of fashion.

With their flexible and wash-proof NFC chips, AN1 Tags are seamlessly integrated into various products, from sneakers to hoodies. Their discreet size and versatile form factors make them adaptable to virtually any item. Once embedded, AN1 Tags serve as gateways to Another-1's phygital experiences, enabling users to unlock digital content, rewards, and interactions both online and offline.

Whether it's accessing exclusive digital artwork or participating in immersive gamified experiences, AN1 Tags empower brands to create captivating phygital experiences for their customers, enriching their fashion journey in the physical and digital worlds.

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