Project NAYOM1 X Casadei

First-ever phygital luxury high-heel collection

The Collection

The collection itself is a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of The Blade Silhouette by giving it a futuristic makeover that will jumpstart the modernization of this traditional Italian high-heel powerhouse.

The inspiration behind the collection comes from Ricardo’s obsession with the holographic aesthetic that has been heavily influenced by the remake of the cult movie, The Blade Runner, set in a dystopian future Los Angeles of 2049, in which synthetic humans roam the planet while the discovery of a long-buried secret leads officer K to track down the former Blade Runner in order to prevent the downfall of humanity.

Similarly, PROJECT NAYOM1 NFT Collection will become the best-kept secret of luxury footwear, as its utilization of web3 technologies will present a strong case for the digitalization of traditional fashion brands.

The Value

PROJECT NAYOM1 is all about the modernization of a traditional Italian high-heel shoe powerhouse while creating exclusive ‘phygital’ products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers.

It highlights how phygital assets can create multiple layers of utility (Physical Shoe, Digital Wearable, PFP) both in the real world, as well as the digital.

The 1000 limited edition 'NAYOM1 Blade' physical heels are all NFC-chipped, enabling fans of Casadei to connect the real footwear to digital metaverse wearables and PFP avatars in the form of 1000 corresponding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - merging realities to create the ultimate web3 fashion experience.

Immersive DCL Experience

We collaborated with DappCraft and developed an immersive experience dedicated to Casadei’s offline fashion event. A big scene, consisting of exterior and interior, was created in Decentraland. The visual cyberpunk concept of 6 spaces refers to the movie “Blade Runner 2049”. An impressive collection of 1000 linked wearables was also created as a part of the project. Wearables were linked to corresponding PFPs, so every owner of PFP got his unique Wearable in Decentraland.


Casadei was born in 1958 in Rimini as a shoe factory that produced sandals for the national and international markets. Cesare Casadei, son of the founders and creative director since 1994, together with his team of designers, creates his collections using raw materials made exclusively for the Maison. Casadei shoes, a true symbol of Made in Italy craftsmanship, are designer accessories with refined and seductive details.

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