A phygital tale of a street culture

Drip-lab is not another NFT project.

Becoming old guys in the graffiti scene we have seen many talented artists waste away consumed by their vices. Drip-Lab is a cautionary expose of what bad habits become when they spiral out of control. When you stop doing the drugs and the drugs do you. Habits are what make us human and how we choose to spend our time defines us as people.

It is a phygital tale of a street culture and vices that come with it, summoned to life by 5 miniature behemoths that are meant to represent our lower selves; birthed on the blockchain and spanning to our tactile reality.

The Tale of The Streets

What’s life without death, sun without rain, a championship win without a celebratory drink? There is a balance of necessary evils every person must find in search of higher meaning. For some it may be drinking, for others it may be cigarettes.

The Monsters Behind The Wall

Drip-Lab brings forth man’s greatest vices to create discussion, and a foundation to grow from. Clean out the skeletons in your closet and hang them on your wall! Matter-of-fact, hang them on your Twitter profile.

Our five monsters weave an intrepid tale of lust, addiction, wastefulness, gluttony, and inaction, the biggest mistakes we’ve seen talented men and women fall victim to. You wear one of these monsters not as a badge of dishonor but as a gentle reminder that life is precious, short, and easily wasted away.

The Artist Behind The Monsters

As a graffiti writer turned visual artist, ZOOW24 (@zoow24) has a penchant for bringing vivid thoughts to reality. This master of NEWOLDSCHOOL and graffiti 3.0 pioneer has been out in the trenches with trailblazers of street art, graphic design, and collectibles scenes for 10+ years.

From bombing trains with Trane + graffiti OGs like Shiche & Shek, to headlining museum showcases in Germany, to collaborative graphic design campaigns for brands like Moncler & Balenciaga, and having custom clothing drops with OFF-White & BadDeal, ZOOW24 is deeply entrenched in an exclusive, gate-kept street-culture society.

The Writer's (Phygital) Jacket

Experience fashion like never before with our exclusive Drip-Lab shell jacket! Equipped with cutting-edge NFC technology, it offers unrivaled benefits to Drip-Lab NFT holders by making it possible to Flex 2 Earn and access token-gated content.

Designed by Olmetex, An Italian mill setting the standard for world-class technical fabrics, these jackets showcase five captivating thermo-reactive dual-colorways and feature ZOOW24’s monsters on the inside lining for a customized finish.

Join us on a serendipitous journey exploring what truly makes us human! Created by ZOOW24 in collaboration with Olmetex & Another-1β„’ Learn more about phygital NFTs.

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