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What good is fashion if it's not being shown off, shared, tweeted, liked, and followed? Another-1 wants the digital, the physical, and the phygital to be shown off constantly. The 'Flex to Earn' module is designed to reward users for β€œflexing” products and collections in Another-1’s Phygital partner network.

How It Works

Brands can integrate our Flex-to-Earn solution in their physical products by collaborating with Another-1 through an ADO (Another Drop Offering) project or purchasing one of the AN1 service packages.

Step 1

Brands set up reward conditions and reward types on the Another-1 Platform's management panel.

Reward conditions can be (more upcoming):

  • Authorized Check-In Scan: Owners "check in" at physical stores (or other designated locations/events) and get the NFC-embedded products scanned by an authorized device using the Clerk APP;

  • Geolocated User Scan: Owners scan the NFC-embedded products through the User APP on their own smart devices within certain GPS geolocations

  • Peer-to-Peer Scan (upcoming): Owners get their NFC-embedded products scanned by another owner.

Reward types can be:

  • AN1 Token: Brands can purchase a certain amount of AN1 Tokens for their reward pool;

  • POAP/NFTs: Brands can customize POAPs (Prove of Attendance Protocols) and/or NFTs as rewards;

  • Metaverse Wearables: Brands can customize wearables in various Metaverse games as rewards.

Step 2

During the IRL event, use the Flex-2-Earn app with an authorized account to scan and verify participants' NFT-backed NFCs, to initiate an on-chain reward transaction.

Step 3

Owners satisfy and meet the reward conditions set by the Brand, and automatically receive the reward in their wallets.


The Flex-2-Earn function enables on-chained interactions between virtual and physical worlds, allowing the digitalization of the consumer journey.

This digitalization process opens up many possibilities for brands to establish fair and engaging channels to interact and communicate with their consumer base and build a healthy loop for boosting brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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