NFC + NFT Solution

Our proprietary solution to bridge URL & IRL

Each piece of Another-1 item has a distinct NFC chip that gives consumers access to the NFT digital passport of the item. The NFC chip includes information about the item’s history, manufacturing origin, authenticity, and ownership certificate verified by the blockchain servers.

Not all NFC tags are created equal. We at Another-1 adopted the technology of authentication NFC tags that work differently than standard static ones. Specifically, we use NTAG424, a more advanced product, as a key that is used to generate a unique code on each scan.

This unique code can be verified on the server to provide a very high level of confidence in authenticity, therefore safeguarding that the items being scanned are genuine. In reality, only these advanced authentication tags complete and secure the link between the physical object and the digital certificate.

The NFTs themselves are not stored on the NFC tags. In much the same way as the NFTs don’t actually store the assets and are just a link to the digital asset, the NFC tags provide a link between the physical object the tag is attached to and the NFTs themselves. So your digital assets are still safeguarded by blockchain technology and you, the only one with a private key to your wallet, can have access to them.

Another-1 believes that digitally enabled IRL items are the foundation of a new direct link between brands and consumers due to their connectivity and IRL benefits.

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