B2B Use Cases

All the companies, brands, and partners in the Another-1 ecosystem will adopt AN1 tokens for token-gated experiences and will purchase AN1 tokens to activate the phygital experiences in off-line events to reward participants.

Exclusive Partner Promotions

Businesses that collaborate with Another-1 can offer exclusive promotions or discounts to customers who use $AN1 tokens for purchases. For example, a fashion brand could offer a limited-time discount on their products exclusively for Another-1 token holders, driving traffic and sales to both businesses.

Co-Branded Product Launches

Partnerships between Another-1 and businesses can result in co-branded product launches or special edition items available only to customers using $AN1 tokens. This creates excitement and exclusivity around the collaboration, encouraging token adoption and driving sales for both parties.

Joint Loyalty Programs

Businesses collaborating with Another-1 can integrate their loyalty programs with the $AN1 token ecosystem. For instance, customers who accumulate points or rewards with a partner business can have the option to convert them into $AN1 tokens, which can then be redeemed for exclusive rewards or discounts across the Another-1 ecosystem.

Token-Back Rewards

Partner businesses can offer token-back rewards to customers who make purchases using $AN1 tokens. For every transaction made with $AN1 tokens, customers receive a percentage of the purchase value back in tokens, incentivizing repeat purchases and fostering loyalty to both the partner business and the Another-1 ecosystem.

Token Distribution Events

Another-1 can collaborate with partner businesses to host token distribution events, where customers receive $AN1 tokens as rewards for participating in promotional activities, such as product demos, surveys, or social media engagements. This not only increases token circulation but also drives foot traffic and engagement for the partner business.

Token-Back Rewards for Social Media Engagement

Partnered businesses can offer token-back rewards to customers who engage with their brand on social media platforms. Customers could earn $AN1 tokens for liking, sharing, or commenting on posts, helping to increase brand visibility and engagement on social media channels.

Token-Based Voting or Crowdsourcing Campaigns

Partnered businesses can leverage $AN1 tokens to facilitate voting or crowdsourcing campaigns for product development, marketing initiatives, or community-driven projects. Customers could use their tokens to vote on new product features, marketing slogans, or charitable initiatives, providing valuable feedback and fostering a sense of community engagement.

Token-Based Product Bundles or Discounts

Partnered businesses can create special product bundles or offer discounts to customers who pay with $AN1 tokens. For example, a restaurant could offer a discounted meal package that includes a main course, side dish, and dessert for customers who pay with $AN1 tokens, helping to drive sales and increase token usage.

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