The OG phygital sneaker

The Story

Inspired by the adaptability of the Chameleon and designed by the great Lucio Vanotti, these are the sneakers that will keep you fresh both in the metaverse and the streets.

With the addition of NTR1-METAs to your sneaker rotation, you join a sneaker revolution. Transcend reality with a shoe that bridges the digital to the physical hypebeast world.

Each NTR1-META will be tradable as an NFT, wearable in Decentraland, and thanks to NFC chip integration in the physical production process, we enable monitoring ownership and validate SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for tokenized proof-of-authenticity and further "Flex 2 Earn" gamification (TBA).


In collaboration with award winning fashion designer Lucio Vanotti, we fused classic Italian design with web3 abstraction through color into every limited edition pair of NTR1-META sneakers.

Hereby, our 'Become a Creator' module presents its pioneer; a creative transformation of fashion brought to life by Lucio. Meticulous craftsmanship with premium leather and stitching, NTR1 Meta's deliver high-quality sneakers worthy of flexing both off and online.


We teamed up with a Milanese production company to bridge the gap from digital to physical in authentic handmade fashion. Each forged sneaker incorporates a unique NFC chip integrated covertly under the hood.

This limited edition drop of just 5,000 NTR1-META sneakers features 33 unique protocol dedicated colorways, and will enable their lucky holders to KYC on the platform and use their NFTs to forge and redeem a physical pair to complement their DCL Wearable for the ultimate phygital sneakerhead experience.

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