Maddy Bergen - Marketing Advisor

With an impressive track record in the Web3 and startup ecosystems, Maddy brings invaluable expertise and a forward-thinking vision to Another-1.

As the Director at Zephyr Social, a renowned digital innovation and marketing studio, her ability to merge technology and marketing strategies has driven outstanding growth outcomes. Her dedication to innovation and decentralized technologies is evident in her role as a co-founder of Elektra.

Maddy’s journey is further enhanced by her roles as a venture capital investor at Creator Fund, Elixir Capital, and operations lead at Acceler8. These experiences have sharpened her skills in identifying and nurturing promising startups, especially in the Web3 landscape.

As a passionate mentor, Maddy has collaborated with AWS Startups, Brinc, and Digital Catapult, guiding numerous startups toward success. Her insights and expertise in Web3, operations, and strategic growth will be instrumental in achieving Another-1’s mission and long-term goals.

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