Engagement Utilities

Spend and Earn

Exclusive Access and Discounts to $AN1 token holders

  • Personalized Offers: Use token ownership data to offer customized discounts or exclusive products that appeal specifically to the holder’s past purchasing behavior or preferences.

  • Early Access: Allow token holders to access new releases or exclusive collections before they are available to the general public.

  • Members-Only Products: Develop special editions or token-holder-only products that can only be purchased by $AN1 token holders.

VIP experiences

  • Exclusive Events: Provide access to invite-only events, such as virtual concerts, meet-and-greets with artists or creators, or physical pop-up events in various cities.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Offer virtual tours, sneak peeks at upcoming projects, or live Q&A sessions with the creators behind the products.

  • Priority Service: Give token holders priority in customer service, reservations, or access to limited-capacity events.

Users earn tokens proportional to their spending, incentivizing continuous engagement and purchases

  • Tiered Rewards System: Implement a tiered system where the more a user spends, the higher the percentage of tokens they earn back, encouraging higher spending and loyalty.

  • Bonus for Milestone Spending: Introduce bonuses when users reach specific spending thresholds (e.g., an extra bonus for every $500 spent).

  • Referral Bonuses: Encourage users to bring new customers by offering them a token bonus for each referral who makes a purchase.

Users earn more tokens when they buy a digital item and not the physical

  • Higher Rewards for Digital Purchases: Structure the rewards program to offer higher token back rates on digital purchases compared to physical ones to promote more sustainable, digital-only sales.

  • Exclusive Digital Content: Create digital-only content or enhancements that can be unlocked only through purchases made with $AN1 tokens.

  • Digital Upsell Opportunities: Provide options to enhance physical purchases with digital add-ons (like digital skins for physical products, or digital experiences related to the physical item) which can earn additional tokens.

Act and Earn

Users earn more rewards when they scan the NFC chip

  • Enhanced Product Information: Provide exclusive content, such as origin stories, manufacturing processes, or artist interviews, which can only be accessed through NFC scans.

  • Loyalty Check-ins: Reward users with tokens each time they scan at events, stores, or other locations, encouraging physical engagement and visits.

  • Interactive Challenges: Create scavenger hunts or interactive challenges that require NFC scanning to progress, rewarding users with tokens upon completion.

Users earn rewards when they recycle clothes from the brand

  • Sustainability Bonuses: Offer additional tokens as a reward for participating in recycling programs, and promoting eco-friendly behaviors among customers.

  • Tiered Recycling Rewards: Implement a system where rewards increase with the number of items recycled, incentivizing continuous participation in the recycling program.

  • Exclusive Recycler Status: Grant special status or recognition to frequent recyclers, such as access to sustainable-only product lines or special events.

Phygital Flex

  • Cross-Platform Rewards: Encourage purchase and interaction across both digital and physical platforms by rewarding users with tokens when they engage with the brand in both realms.

  • Customizable Experiences: Allow users to customize their physical products through digital interfaces, earning tokens for using both services in the creation process.

  • Augmented Reality Experiences: Develop AR features that can be unlocked by tokens, enhancing the physical experience with digital overlays that provide entertainment or information.

Health Flex

  • Wellness Challenges: Reward tokens for participation in wellness challenges or health-related activities, such as virtual fitness classes or health quizzes.

  • Health Milestones Rewards: Offer tokens for achieving personal health goals, tracked via smart devices or apps linked to the user’s account.

  • Subscription Health Boosts: Provide bonus tokens for subscriptions to health-related services or products, incentivizing ongoing health engagements.

Share, Learn, and Earn

  • Feedback loop: Users will earn a reward for sharing feedback on a survey regarding the features improvement for the Another-1 platform

Brand quiz

  • Participants need to register for the quizzes through the Another1 platform

  • Participants win rewards in $AN1 tokens based on performance

  • Winners can use Tokens in the Another1 Ecosystem

  • Leaderboards and Seasonal Competitions for $AN1 token holders

Interact and Earn

Phygital Treasure Hunt

  • QR Code Scans at Physical Locations: Participants can be directed to various fashion-related landmarks (like flagship stores, fashion museums, or pop-up events) where they scan QR codes. Each scan could either award them a small amount of $AN1 tokens directly or clues that lead to accumulating tokens after completing certain tasks or puzzles online related to fashion trends or history.

  • Augmented Reality Fashion Challenges: Utilise an AR app that participants can use to 'collect' virtual fashion items at specific GPS coordinates. These items could be pieces of a digital outfit that participants must assemble. Completing an outfit earns $AN1 tokens. The hunt could end at a special event where participants can use their tokens for discounts on real merchandise or exclusive digital content. This could also be expanded to sporting events or other phygital experiences.

  • Social Media Engagement Tasks: Encourage participants to create and post content on social media platforms wearing or using the products, with specific hashtags. Each validated post could reward participants with $AN1 tokens. This could also include voting on the best posts, with community favorites earning additional tokens.

  • Puzzle Series with Fashion Themes: Online challenges or puzzles that participants must solve in return for $AN1 or that unlock an exclusive event or experience, such as a sporting event, show, etc.

In-App Social Profile

  • Referral system: Each user will be rewarded when they invite other users into the Another-1 platform

In summary, Another-1 token is engineered to be a utility token, central to facilitating ecosystem engagement through a structured reward and incentive system.

It does not embody characteristics typical of securities, such as dividend rights or profit entitlements from the efforts of others. The utility provided by the $AN1 token is integral to its function within the ecosystem, further emphasizing its use case as a non-security asset, compliant with relevant legal standards for utility tokens.

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