For Designers

Step-by-step guide to participating a competition

If you are a Designer, please visit our website at or check our social media to learn about the latest news about our design open calls and contests.

For each open call or contest, we will specify a design theme for you to work on. We will also collaborate with our Web3 partners and may specify the technology you should use to produce the content for submission (for example Union Avatars). Participants shall follow the guideline of each open call and competition and submit their works by the event deadline.

Once you submitted your work, you will become part of our talent pool. If your work eventually is selected by our Selection Committee, we will reach out to you and offer you the opportunity to expose your work on our own social channels, as well as on our partner media outlets.

If your work receives sufficient support from our community (enough token staking), you could even have the opportunity to benefit from our resources to launch your own phygital collection and enjoy the related economic rewards.

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