For Event Organizers

Create & tokenise memorable experiences

The Flex-to-Earn solution can be seamlessly adopted by event organizers to gamify their participant journey and therefore boost participant engagement to the next level.

How It Works

  • We help event organizers and event sponsors to design, produce, and distribute NFC-embedded and customized merchandise compatible with the Flex-to-Earn reward module;

  • Event organizers and sponsors can sell/giveaway the merchandise in the event;

  • Owners of the physical items can claim an NFT immediately on the Another-1 platform;

  • Organizers can set certain gamified targets for the owners to complete (for example visit a certain amount of booths) in order to obtain rewards;

  • Rewards can be POAPs, air-dropped NFTs, gated content, and exclusive access;

  • The Organizers & sponsors can check engagement/interaction analytics on the dashboard panel.


  • More fun for participants

  • Better engagement and feedback for the event organizer and sponsors

  • Easy-to-adopt solution with full technical support

  • Unique NFC-triggered on-chain rewards

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