The Sneakerheadz Society

The Community

The SNEAKERHEADZ society is an international NFTs community composed of 4,444 visionary people living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to the establishment of the NFTs and modern society where clothes and accessories are a form of identity expression and subculture affiliation, we are making it possible for our members to fulfill their deep desire to stand out and show off some real taste, by dropping iconic digital collections of sneakers and accessories.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is built on a future of real sneakerheads. While breaking down identity expression barriers through visionary NFT artworks, we are allowing our members to feel represented and unique.

We are constantly looking towards developing the newest NFT collectibles that effectively bridge old-school street culture and modern society. Our goal is to maintain a community of like-minded people passionate about sneakers, collecting and trading with the rarest items.

The Story

Enter a world where what you wear defines who you are. Just kidding, you’ve been here for a while. Face it, what you choose to wear gives off an impression to those around you. Why not take pride in it?

The Sneakerheadz Society (TSS) is a members-only club of 4444 snobs. Unique individuals who define themselves by how they flex and believe what they’re rocking is supremely superior to what (who you are?) you are. True modern-day narcissists, the ego is nestled between the id and superego. The newest and rarest kicks, accessories, clothes, and locations.

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