Phygital Merch

Your Next-Gen Merchandising Products

Our technology seamlessly integrates AN1 Tags into various items, from bracelets to thermo-reactive windbreakers, enhancing their value and connectivity. Compatible with shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and even toys, our Phygital merch collection offers a diverse range of options to suit every style.

Experience the future of fashion with Another-1's Phygital Merch Collection, where innovation meets style. Contact us today to explore customized design options and bring your vision to life.

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How It Works:

  1. Scan & Experience: Simply scan the AN1 NFC tag on your garment to unlock an immersive phygital experience unique to your item.

  2. Create & Claim: Sign up for an AN1 account to claim your own limited edition NFT, bridging your fashion to the digital world.

  3. Download & Connect: Get the AN1 Connect app to enter a gaming world where your clothing gives you more than just style.

  4. Engage & Compete: Take on tasks within the app to earn Flex Points and climb the leaderboard for community recognition.

  5. Win & Reward: Achieve high scores and claim exclusive rewards that enhance your physical and digital collection.

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