Julien Paredes - Phygital Engagement Advisor

a distinguished blockchain consultant and advisor. Known for his visionary approach to Web3 innovation and gamification strategies, Julien brings a wealth of expertise that is set to enrich Another-1’s phygital universe and community engagement like never before.

Julien’s profound understanding of dynamic ecosystems and his expertise in leveraging tokenization are instrumental assets that align perfectly with Another-1’s mission. His track record of driving growth and innovation in the digital space promises to infuse our platform with fresh insights and strategies, particularly in enhancing the phygital and community experience. With this, we anticipate exploring new frontiers in how physical and digital realms can merge seamlessly, creating more immersive and engaging experiences for our users. His expertise in gamification will introduce novel ways to interact within the Another-1 ecosystem, making the journey not just rewarding but also fun.

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