Users & Collectors

Access, Experiences and Influence with Phygital NFTs

Access to exclusive collections

By collaborating with brands and designers, Another-1 is introducing new & exclusive phygital collections on the platform on a regular basis. Fashion Lovers can stake their AN1 tokens to get whitelisted for these upcoming collections. These phygital collections will provide owners with access to special metaverse experiences, events, and also rewards.

Loyalty & reward programs

One of the unique features and utilities that we offer to our collection owner is the possibility to gain actual rewards: access to special events, experiences, and monetization opportunities, all thanks to our proprietary Flex-2-Earn enabled by the NFT+NFC technology that seamlessly bridges the virtual and real worlds.

Few people realize the value of "Flexing" in the fashion world: in the end, that's what makes anything trendy, and "Flexers" are the ultimate ambassadors for any brand. Today brands pay KOLs for flexing, but with blockchain technology, we can make anyone into a KOL, and allow them to get paid every time they flex and create influence.

Community of like-minded individuals

We understand that Fashion Lovers are unique creatures: they are spiritually independent, but it doesn't mean that they don't need a community of like-minded to share ideas and get inspired. Another-1 is supported by some of the largest communities in Web3 and in Fashion. Another-1 collection owners will have the opportunity to join and meet other individuals with shared tastes and visions in our community both virtually and InRealLife.

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