About Another-1

The ultimate WEB3 fashion platform built on POLYGON
Another-1 is a forward-thinking Web3 fashion platform built on Polygon. We help bridge fashion brands, designers, retailers, as well as consumers to Web3, making it easy and cost-effective to launch, purchase and trade their Phygital Collections (physical + digital) and ultimately capture emerging opportunities arising from this new concept.
For brands, designers, and retailers, we serve as a one-stop shop and help advise on Web3 fashion strategies ranging from phygital collection offering, metaverse content development, and marketing, as well as supply chain fulfillment. We also offer our proprietary NFC+NFT technology and many other unique pathways and modules to seamlessly help brands boost their consumer loyalty. Our versatile team and extensive networks within both the traditional fashion industry and the Web3 world allow us to deliver the best-in-class solutions.
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