Another-1 Marketplace

More than your ordinary NFT marketplace
Our Marketplace is an interactive trading platform for phygital fashion products. It is the gateway to access an ecosystem where designers, brands, and fashionistas can interact, trade and collect exclusive products with the option to redeem the physical twin, stake the NFTs, and access monetization opportunities through metaverse ready-to-wear digital assets.

Marketplace Functions


Designers, artists, and crafters can mint and sell their own digital or physical items within the marketplace. (*Minting is the terminology that is used in Web3 and blockchain. This is the process of "creating" and "registering" a digital asset on the blockchain. This item becomes registered as an NFT.)


Users can trade peer-to-peer without physical settlement of the real-world assets, which remain in escrow and will be delivered only when it is forged or redeemed. The associated NFTs freely change hands, thus making the exchange of items more fluid.

Authenticate (powered by NFC+NFC technology)

Our proprietary NFC+NFT technology can be used for the purpose of authentication of real-world items/ physical goods by connecting items to on-chain smart contracts. This means we can detect the originality of the item and validate the ownership.


Our marketplace is more than a place to trade. Community members can also socialize here with like-minded individuals and share their fashion insights. They can also level up their social status by participating in more engagement activities and by increasing their influence through flexing.