Phygital Fashion

Phygital = Physical + Digital
Phygital describes the process in which the realms of reality and digital intertwine, offering consumers both a tangible and virtual experience. The whole fashion Consumer Journey can be "Phygitalized": from Awareness, Consideration to Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy.

Phygitalizing the Awareness & Consideration Journey

Brands leverage innovative physical + digital displays including AR/VR/XR technologies in their stores, showrooms, and runways to capture attention and generate intriguing experiences, guiding consumers from the digital realm to physical touchpoints, and vice versa. Gamification elements can also be implemented to bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces, sparking interest and driving consideration.

Phygitalizing the Purchase Journey

In the context of Web3, purchasing a fashion product no longer ends with owning a physical item, but also a digital pair that extend the consumption experience beyond reality and into the digital realm. NFT, as a blockchain solution for identifying ownership, plays an essential role in this extension of experience by binding the ownerships of the physical and digital assets together, making the offer truly Phygital.

Phygitalizing the Retention & Advocacy Journey

This is where Phygital elements can really unlock value: NFC+NFT technology can help brands track how owners are interacting with their products, and can further incentivize the owners to engage in advocacy activities by offering them rewards to do so. All these were previously impossible without the empowerment of NFC+NFT technology.