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Project Roadmap

Building The Future of Fashion

2023 - Future Plans


  • Launch of the Virtual Influencer NAYOM1 in Fashion Shows: Another-1 plans to launch the virtual influencer NAYOM1 at various fashion shows, demonstrating a unique amalgamation of technology and fashion.
  • Establishment of Virtual HQ in the Alterverse: The team aims to establish a virtual HQ in the Alterverse, thereby creating a dedicated virtual space for the Another-1 community.
  • MVP for the Flex-to-Earn Module: The project aims to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the Flex-to-Earn module, providing users an opportunity to earn rewards through active participation.
  • Attendance at NFT Paris, and Milan & Paris WF 23 Fashion Week: The team plans to attend NFT Paris, and Milan & Paris WF 23 Fashion Week to showcase their unique products and engage with the global fashion community.


  • Release of the Flex-to-Earn Beta: The team plans to release the beta version of the Flex-to-Earn platform, aiming to test the platform with a select group of users.
  • The First Edition of the Become a Creator Initiative: Another-1 is set to launch the first edition of the Become a Creator initiative, a program designed to empower users to become creators within the ecosystem.
  • NTR1-META Redemption & DCL MFW Attendance: The project plans to start the redemption process for the NTR1-META sneakers and attend the Decentraland Milan Fashion Week (DCL MFW).
  • PeakDefi Token Pre-Sale: The team is also planning to conduct the PeakDefi token pre-sale, providing early investors with an opportunity to be a part of the project's financial journey.
  • Introduction In The Consensys Start-up Cohort: We got the acclaim and support from one of the biggest companies in the space to build the best products possible.


  • Token Generation Event (TGE) & Initial DEX Offering on Spores & Blokpad (IDO): Another-1 aims to conduct a Token Generation Event and launch an Initial DEX Offering on Spores & Blokpad.
  • Minting of the Drip-Lab PFP Collection: The Drip-Lab PFP collection will be minted, providing users with unique, personality-driven NFTs.
  • Launch of On-Chain Raffles: The team plans to launch on-chain raffles, providing a fun, engaging way for the community to win rewards.
  • Introduction of the TSS Game in Sandbox: Another-1 plans to introduce the TSS game in the Sandbox, bringing together the worlds of gaming, NFTs, and fashion.


  • Listing of the AN1 Token on Centralized Exchanges (CEX): The AN1 token is slated for listing on centralized exchanges, making it more accessible to a broad spectrum of investors.
  • Drop and Redemption of TEMPLA Phygital Boots: The team plans to drop and begin the redemption process for the TEMPLA phygital boots.
  • Forging of Drip-Lab Phygital Jacket: The team will commence the forging process for the Drip-Lab phygital jacket, adding another unique product to their phygital fashion line.
  • Second Edition of Become a Creator: Another-1 will launch the second edition of the Become a Creator initiative, providing more opportunities for users to become creators within the ecosystem.
  • Launch of Phygital Merch and Flex-To-Earn Rewards Program: The project will also see the launch of phygital merchandise and the much-anticipated Flex-to-Earn rewards program.
This roadmap underlines the Another-1 project's commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Each phase has been meticulously planned to ensure that the project always remains at the cutting edge of the phygital fashion
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