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Official phygital collections under our umbrella
PROJECT NAYOM1 is all about the modernization of a traditional Italian high-heel shoe powerhouse while creating exclusive ‘phygital’ products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers.


Exclusive handmade leather shoes wearable in the metaverse, in the real world, and tradable as NFTs. The NTR1-META sneakers are inspired by the magic of the changing Chameleon. Our team admires the human ability to change in the face of adversity, much like how the fascinating Chameleon morphs the color of its skin cells to survive in the most difficult circumstances.


Drip-lab is not an NFT project, it is a phygital tale of a street culture, summoned to life by 5 miniature behemoths that are meant to represent our lower selves; birthed on the blockchain and spanning to our tactile reality. Created by ZOOW24 in collaboration with Olmetex & Another-1.™ RATED PG-13
The SNEAKERHEADZ Society is an international NFT Community composed by 4,444 visionary people living on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the establishment of the NFTs and modern society where clothes and accessories are a form of identity expression and subculture affiliation, we are making it possible for our members to fulfill their deep desire to stand out and show off some real taste, by dropping iconic digital collections of sneakers and accessories.