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Another Drop Offering (ADO)

Launching a premium phygital collections
The Another Drop Offering (ADO) Launchpad is a central piece of infrastructure we provide to brands and designers to seamlessly launch their phygital fashion collections and products by leveraging blockchain technology and our Web3 network.
Brands and Designers can benefit from Another-1's one-stop Web3 phygital fashion solution and launch their unique phygital offerings in a cost-effective way. Without the need to build an in-house team from scratch, brands and designers can enjoy Another-1's resources including:
  • Web3 product offering insights and advisory
  • Web3 marketing expertise
  • NFT+NFC enabled Online-to-Offline Loyalty Infrastructure
  • NFC Encoding & Integration
  • Digital experience capabilities: NFT & digital content development, metaverse compatibility, and AR/VR showroom
  • Physical product development capability
  • Fulfillment capability, including order management and shipment management