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Flex to Earn

Token gated loyalty program for offline engagement and on line rewards
With our proprietary Phygital technology, Another-1 offers the Flex-2-Earn module, a turnkey Web3 loyalty program and engagement tool. This module is designed to be a seamless "Plug & Play" solution, allowing brands, games, and event organizers to effortlessly implement a loyalty program that leverages the power of our Phygital technology. By simply scanning the NFC-embedded physical product, they can unlock a world of rewards and incentives for the NFT owners who possess the corresponding physical item.
The rewards bestowed upon NFT owners can include tokens, POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol), in-game assets, and even new NFTs, among other possibilities. Through this mechanism, brands, games, and event organizers can create a strong incentive for their community/owners to actively engage and interact with their offerings.
By combining the physical and digital realms, this innovative approach not only encourages participation but also fosters a deeper sense of connection and engagement among the community. By implementing the Flex-2-Earn module, brands can boost customer loyalty and overall engagement, while simultaneously enhancing the value and utility of their NFTs and physical products.