Another-1 Litepaper
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Another-1 Token

The enabler for a phygital fashion ecosystem
Ticker: $AN1 Token Type: ERC20 (Polygon) TGE: 18 JUL 2023 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.00 $AN1 Initial Circulating Supply: 4,000,000.00 $AN1 IDO Sales: PeakDefi (Presale) - 17 MAY 2023 (1,000,000.00 $AN1) FinBlox - 31 AUG 2023 (2,000,000.00 $AN1) Spores - 31 AUG 2023 (3,000,000.00 $AN1) DEX & CEX Listings: SEP 2023 Token Audit by Hacken: 10/10 The $AN1 token has received a 10/10 score according to smart contract auditor Hacken:

$AN1 Overview

The $AN1 token will be used as a means to facilitate payments and exchanges within the ecosystem, including platform transactions related to NFT purchases, trading fees, rewards, and loyalty programs.
Moreover, to take full advantage of the Another-1 platform, users are encouraged to become full-time Flexers, which is accomplished by owning physical items launched via ADOs. Every physical item is accompanied by its digital twin in the form of an NFT which can also be staked to earn tokens and unlock special benefits.
Tokens can be staked or spent on the platform for minting new ADO collections and minting booster packs that will increase your Flex To Earn reward drops and can provide discounts on certain sales, redemptions, and merchandising.
In addition, staking a certain amount of tokens will enable voting for ongoing Become A Creator competitions which will in turn add another layer of utility for the token.
To ensure healthy token appreciation and ensure the growth in value for ALL ecosystem stakeholders, the AN1 token has a built-in sacrificial’ mechanism that will be used to burn the portion of the token supply when each action is performed within the ecosystem.

$AN1 Token Ecosystem

The leading utility that encompasses all of the main pillars and products of the ecosystem is 'Flex2Earn' - Another-1’s proprietary app and gateway to full project utility that is powered by NFC integration and the blockchain to empower the following pillars of the Another-1 ecosystem: Partners - ADO Partners need to purchase the token and deposit it into the rewards pool for the users to earn rewards by Flexing. Creators - Designers & design students can leverage the token to launch their own collections via the Become A Creator module & gain visibility and community acclaim for their work. Users - Users can access the token rewards pool via ‘Flex2Earn’ to directly benefit from owning a phygital product that will accrue value through different actions.
All of our pillars have certain actions that trigger the deflationary mechanism of the token, which means that the more active our platform is, the more value will be generated for $AN1 long-term holders as can be observed in the flowchart below:
$AN1 Ecosystem Flow Chart